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Who We Are and What We Do
Inheritance Lending provides cash advances to heirs of U.S. based estates that are currently in probate, regardless of their past or present credit status, employment situation, or income history. And as a top provider of inheritance cash advances we can offer you competitive pricing and extremely fast funding when you really need it.

There are no usage restrictions or repayment schedules, nor will you ever be held liable if the disbursed funds are less than what was anticipated. For more about inheritance loans visit the F.A.Q About Estate Loans section.

Probate Can Take 2 Years
An Advance Takes 3 Days

Most heirs don't know until probate starts that the majority of inheritance cases will end up sitting in financial limbo for anywhere from 18 months to two (or more!) years before any of the proceeds from the estate can be distributed to the heirs. That's a long time to wait for your money when you have serious expenses to pay!

This unavoidable delay is so that the courts will have enough time to compile a record of the debts accrued over the years by the owner of the estate. After the financial institutions and creditors are paid off what's left of the remaining funds, that is if there's anything left to distribute, will be disbursed to the legal heirs.
How An Inheritance Advance Works...
inheritance advance

Get A Lump-Sum of Cash For Your Inheritance Within 3 Days. Heirs Can Borrow Up To 30% Per Application.

Getting an advance on your inheritance is fast, easy, and convenient. Any American beneficiary may apply for an inheritance advance (A.K.A "probate loan") as long as they are over 17 years of age; have not filed bankruptcy; stand to inherit at least $17,000. from an Estate rather than from a Trust Fund; and probate proceedings have already been started.

If this applies to you then you have met the minimum loan requirements.

Please note that due to both the time constraints and the Spendthrift clause Inheritance Lending can no longer offer advances on Trust Funds. We also cannot offer advances on inheritances secured by liquidatable real estate in Florida, North Carolina, or Virginia unless the estate has either a bank account or an investment account attachment.

Probates that are secured solely by liquidatable real estate are acceptable in all of the other remaining States. And even if there is no Will on record, a very common occurrence these days, an heir can still qualify for an inheritance loan.

If you are an adult heir and you need your inheritance money now, not in 18 to 24 months from now, an inheritance loan is the quickest and easiest way to access your money. Inheritance Lending will advance
you from $5,000. to $100,000. within three (3) business days of our having received your application form plus the required legal documents provided by the estate's attorney.

You never have to worry about creating additional debt and/or having to make monthly payments because we are paid directly and in full from the estate upon distribution. Also you will incur no liability if we suffer a loss from risks not previously known to you such as unexpectedly large debts, high litigation costs, loss in market value of real estate assets, or previously unknown heirs suddenly showing up out of nowhere.
NOTE: Please be aware that if you have previously applied to other inheritance advance companies for an advancement on your inheritance you must wait at least 30 business days before you can apply here.

All applicant submissions are automatically verified against their State's regional probate database and any duplicate application will be deleted without notice. Checks are run within two hours of submission.
For a fast, no-obligation quote on a loan against inheritance, fill out our quick and easy form below
and we will get back to you promptly with an offer. All of your information will be kept confidential.

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About Inheritance Lending

(Seattle, WA) – Founded in early 2004, Inheritance Lending is a privately owned, non-institutional
funding company that specializes in making heir advances and probate loans in all 50 U.S. States.

We Can Help You Get Your Heir Money When You Need It FAST!

We'll work with you to help you raise the capital you need, when you need it. And after successfully funding thousands of estate loans and probate advances we know how to make the process of borrowing against your future inheritance payments quick, easy, and convenient.

Our extensive experience in the financial fields and higher-than-average advances, coupled with our unwavering commitment to straight answers and courteous service has helped to set us apart in this industry. And it shows in the smiles and repeat business we often get from our clients.

Every year, regardless of their credit history, employment situation, or income status, we provide cash advances to heirs who can't wait-out the years it usually takes for probate to end and we're ready to help you too.
If you are a legally entitled adult heir whose inheritance is being delayed by the courts you should call us now. You can borrow up to 30% of your total inheritance in as little as 72 hours. And if you later find that
you need more you can simply reapply. So call us today and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about heir loans and inheritance advances.


Q: "I've Already Applied With Another Inheritance Factoring Company, Can I Also Apply Here?"
A: If you've applied to another inheritance company you must wait at least 30 days before applying here.
Q: "I've Received An Inheritance Advance From Another Company, Can I Also Apply Here?"
A: No. If you've already sold any of your pending inheritance to another investment company we can't
fund your advance request because your share of the distribution now legally belongs to that entity.
Q: "I Must Pay An Inheritance Tax, Can You Give Me An Advance?"
A: No. The idea of the so-called “Inheritance Tax” was created and circulated via spam e-mail by swindlers and con artists living in overseas countries. It does NOT exist.
Q: "Who Is Eligible To Receive An Heir Advance?"
A: Any adult heir who stands to inherit at least $17,000. from an American estate with an open probate may apply for an advance on their inheritance.
Q: "Is There A Size Limit On My Advance?"
A: Yes. You may only borrow up to 30% of your inheritance at a time. Cash advances range from a minimum of $5,000. (30% of $17,000.) to a maximum of $100,000. (30% of $340,000.)
However you are free to re-apply if you want additional funding. The same rules and rates will apply.
Q: "What Do You Receive In Return For The Cash Advance?"
A: In return for your cash advance, you assign to us the right to receive a fixed amount of money out of your share of the estate.
Q: "When Do You Get Paid Back?"
A: We are paid directly from the estate upon distribution. Funds not needed to satisfy the assignment are distributed directly to the Heirs or Beneficiaries.
Q: "Are There Any Upfront Application Fees?"
A: No. Fees are charged only for funded deals, and are deducted from the advance. If we don't fund, then you don't pay.
Q: "Will My Credit History Prevent Me From Getting An Advance?"
A: By rule of law we must obtain a credit report when preparing a case for funding, primarily to determine if there are any judgements, child support payments, or bankruptcy proceedings that might interfere with payment on the assignment. However a poor credit record alone, including delinquencies, discharges in bankruptcy, foreclosures, etc. generally won't prevent you from receiving an advance.
Q: "Are Monthly Payments Required To Repay The Advance?"
A: No. We are paid directly and in full from the estate at the time distribution is authorized.
Q: "What If There Aren't Enough Estate Funds To Pay You Back?"
A: This is one of the risks we assume when we accept an assignment from an Heir or Beneficiary. The Heir or Beneficiary who gives true information on the application and honors the assignment agreement has no personal liability for payment of the advance.
Q: "What If An Unknown Creditor Makes A Claim On The Estate?"
A: This is one of the ways an estate may end up with insufficient funds to pay the advance in full, and it's another risk we assume. The investor can only receive those distributions from the probate that are due to the heir or beneficiary. Medical claims arising out of the last illness are a major concern. We absorb the loss and have no recourse to the heir, unless, of course, the heir or beneficiary was aware of the claim(s) but failed to tell us about it during the application process.
Q: "What Happens If The Distribution of The Estate Is Delayed?"
A: Then we must wait until the estate is ready to distribute. There is no recourse to the funded heir for any delays in the distribution. This is another one of the risks we assume.
Q: "Are There Geographic Limitations On Inheritance Advances?"
A: Yes, the probate must be located within the USA. The heir or beneficiary may be a full-time or part-time resident of any country.
Q: "What If My Probate Is In A Different State?"
A: It's common for heirs to reside in a State different from the decedent's State. This is rarely a problem.
Q: "What Determines The Discount Rate On My Heir Advance?"
A: The size of the advance, complexity of the estate, and the estimated time to distribution of estate funds are some of the factors that affect rates. But advances usually fall between .50 – .75 on the dollar.
Q: "I Have a Trust Fund, Am I Still Eligible For An Advance?"
A: Unfortunately Trust Funds are no longer saleable due to the introduction of the “Spendthrift” clause which prevents any investor from buying them.
Q: "Where Do I Apply For An Inheritance Advance?"
A: Fill out our online form and we will take it from there.

Privacy Policy

We always respect your privacy. The information we collect is held in the strictest confidence and is used for internal review only. It will never be shared with any other organizations for commercial purposes. We never retain any of your personal information either online or offline.
We recognize the importance of protecting your personal information. We collect information about you to communicate with you, to process your requests for services, and to inform you about other financial options that may be of interest to you.
Except as explained here in our Privacy Policy, we do not sell non-public personal information about current or former clients, nor do we share this type of information with anyone other than our affiliates. The examples in this Privacy Policy are illustrative only and are not intended to be exclusive.
Q: “What kinds of information do you collect about your clients?”
A: During the inheritance advance process we may obtain, as it becomes required, information about our clients such as their legal name, street address, phone number, e-mail, birth date, social security number, driver's license, and if they have any outstanding judgments, back tax, or liens that must be paid first.
Most of this information is obtained via our online application forms and by telephone conversations conducted during the initial application process.
Q: “What do you do with the personal information that you collected?”
A: We review all of the information collected so that we may determine if our services can be of any help to the client's particular situation.
After our correspondence is concluded, we will delete all of the client's personal information from our database to help maintain their personal privacy and their security.
Information Sharing and Disclosure:
Inheritance Lending does not rent, trade, sell, or share any of our client's personal information with other people or non-affiliated companies except to provide the services that they have requested.
Our Former Clients:
We treat information about our former clients in the same manner as we treat information about our current clients.
Confidentiality And Security:
We restrict all access to non-public, personal information about our clients to only those employees who need to know such information in order for them to help the client obtain the services that they have previously requested from us.
Maintaining the accuracy of client information is a shared responsibility. We maintain the integrity of the information they provide to us and will update their records when they notify us of a change. All clients should contact us immediately when information concerning them changes.
Updates To Our Privacy Policy:
We reserve the right to update this policy as needed. The information sharing practices described herein are all in accordance with State and Federal laws, and in accordance with same:
  • We will not share any client's information with our affiliates without the client's prior consent.
  • We will only disclose the client's name, contact information and our own transaction and experience information to other financial institutions with which we have a relevant business arrangement.
Otherwise, we will share information in accordance with all of the practices described herein.